You have ended up on my website for some reasons ! I give some explanations below and i hope at least one will in some ways correspond to that reason which have led you here! Note that there is only one page in english so take your chance to know more!

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Who I am

I am just a human being crossing life and wondering quite often what kind of "animal" I am and what I am supposed to do of my time? Is my consciousness only the fruit of an accident of evolution? How simple materia can open such a wide space inside my mind, a space which is even infinite as long as I feed myself from the outside, since when I think, I create in the meantime? Why Nature would allow such a waste of energy then? All these thoughts, these emotions, these words, these acts... just to desappear? How very complex "things" like Cosmos, Life, Nature - Human being included - can proceed from chance? This perfect balance of various and opposite forces could perfectly behave as chaos, but on the contrary... It is even so organized and stable that we could think (some of us beleive in this way) that a superior Intelligence triggered it? And honnestly this idea has my preference because otherwise I feel offended in my human being intelligence. I mean, could we imagine someone considering one day computers as simple accidents of evolution?

Or, therefore, am I a spirit who has a further and greater Destiny beyond death? In this case, what is this Mystery we cannot access with our powerfull consciousness? And what would be then our meanning intrinsically?

On a less controversal ground, we must admit that we are not important but we might be useful, otherwise, we would just not be...

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I try to answer these questions for myself. I constantly go from the inside to the outside and vice-versa, to find a meanning, to justify my own existence, in this Wide Whole World which seems to exist... since we are several to share it, roughly speaking. And talking about the other, it appears that being social creatures, this other can contribute to shape this idea I am inventing to justify my existence.
And this is why you are here in front of your screen ; and actually this is also why I am here in front my screen, writing those lines. So you see, somehow, you have already helped to answer my questions... Unfortunately I am afraid I will still wonder during the next present times to be coming...

On that way I am walking towards these Answers I might never get, I have been writing and the results - the creations - are available in that website.


So, as you can see, passing by, I try pragmatically to exist into the World Wide Web...

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The creations

I am afraid you won't enjoy them 100% if you don't master French...

Nevertheless one poem is in English and three songs are available (one is written in English by the way). I really hope you will enjoy them.

I would like to say that there are also an essay, a shortstory and some poems available, although I guess it will not be a sufficient impulse to trigger in you the will to learn French.


Wait! Wait!... Just below is developed another topic which is also of great concern and which at the end of the day is also related to my existencial questions...
I mean 'work'! THE big deal in our western societies!

Professional expectations

After an experience in Granada - Spain as freelancer, I went back to France in 2009 and I immediatly set up myself as one man company again. As mainly self-taught man I accumulated knowledge and know-how specifically in the field of communication. As a consequence from consulting to communication tools conception and creation I provide services to my clients. If you wish to know more visit my professional website (made with FLASH and its programming language Actionscript).

I have lots of projects and ideas which are ongoing... I lack of time and specific competences to pushing them further as fast as I would like. I am looking for partners to work on them. In particular I am working on 4 board games and few scenarios... I would be glad to join a team of creators mixing various skills and habilities to materialise board games, video games and comics. A team where imagination, creativity, innovation and enthusiasm are appreciated.

I am fully opened to set up a production company with people having the same expectations than I. Of course we would need to meet up because these kind of things require affinities.

Do not hesitate to contact me!

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Just... write me an email (alexreddef@yahoo.fr)! Or click the 'contact' button in the top right menu (last button).

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